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Google VR SDK for Android(2)- Download and Samples(下载和示例)

2016年09月09日 23:42:11544940

Google VR SDK and NDK for Android

Download the Google VR SDK and NDK for Android to create VR Android apps for Cardboard or Daydream. Clone thegvr-android-sdk GitHub repository by running the following command:

下载谷歌VR SDK和Android NDK为Cardboard Daydream 创建虚拟Android应用程序。克隆gvr-android-sdk  GitHub库通过运行下面的命令:

git clone

The SDK libraries are in the libraries directory of the repository as .aar files. The samples are in the samplesdirectory as Gradle projects ready for Android Studio.

SDK 库目录文件是 libraries  中的  .aar,示例 在 samples目录里

Google VR SDK samples for Android

The sample apps for Cardboard and Daydream are in the samples directory of the repository.

Cardboard Daydream 的示例应用程序的样本目录库。